Kacchie LLC

Kacchie LLC bridges various gaps between the world and Japan by our overseas business experience and the broad international networks and with the top quality of content creation for promotional materials.

Our Services

Promotional Materials Creation in Natural Japanese Export/Import Services from/to Japan Consulting for Japanese Market Development
made in Japan made in UK made in Japan
We provide very sophisticated promotional materials in natural Japanese language, including brochures, movie clips and website by using professional tools like Adobe software or Final Cut Pro.

We have great advantage especially for ICT or AVIT products as we had been working long time for the marketing team of Sony corporation.
If you have your own products and plan to develop Japanese market, or if you want to import premium Japanese products, please feel free to contact us.

We offer one-stop services from all procedures to develop your new business with Japan.
Established sales channels in Japan, but can't increase the sales as expected….

If it is the case, let our Registered Management Consultant team work with you. We will help you to find out the bottlenecks and make a concrete suggestions to solve them.